Relief work


In emergencies like natural calamities, earthquakes, floods, accidents, terrorism and persecutions CCM team emergently reaches to help and save victims' lives. As you know the blasphemy laws are prevailing in Pakistan, therefore, persecutions, force conversion, discrimination and terrorisms are happening frequently, in such emergencies CCM team reaches emergently to save victims' lives.   

Free Dispensary

medical camp

As we have already mentioned on our Home Page about the deprived condition of our Church’s region that there is limitless poverty, unemployment, drugs addictions etc. There is no medical facility available here. Hospitals are very far from this region. Due to bad economical condition people are unable to go to city areas for treatment, and so many people die for lack of medical facilities. There is no emergency treatment arrangement available for delivery cases. Out of compulsion un-trained and inexperienced women deal with the delivery cases. But results in this regards are unpleasant. therefore, sometimes children die and sometimes women die. CCM provides treatment up to First Aid to these poor people, but is unable to provide proper medical facilities. We request to national and international donors to cooperate us in setting up FREE DISPENSARY. This is indeed the most urgent Nobel Mission for community uplift.

AMBULANCE FACILITY for this area is the most urgent need. If this facility is available people can be taken to hospitals emergently and their lives can be saved. We specially request to national and international donors to cooperate with us in this noble mission.



CCM Outreach ministry team reaches towards villages, brick kilns, and far off colonies. these areas have no churches & schools. Because these are remote areas, therefore to provide services there is very difficult  due to lack of sources. CCM is giving scarifies to evangelize in these challenging remote areas.

In brick kilns places, families take their children for making bricks. CCM is concerned and praying to provide awareness of brick kiln people, so that Child Labour can be removed. Against this evil we intend to set up small schools, where at least primary level education be given.  Brick kiln workers' children be provided their basic right  to get rid of child labour and gain education. so that their future may be bright and they may become good citizen of society.

Women Ministry


The area where CCM church is located is extremely victim of poverty. Most of people are unemployed. Youths are leading unsocial and aimless lives. In most families women have to work in factories, in brick kilns and in people's houses. Because in Pakistan Christians are treated with prejudice, and narrow- mindedness. Due to this Christian women are facing brutal discrimination, force conversion, and persecution. Use of  wrong Blasphemy laws against women is common. Its example are Asia Bibi and a number of other women who are victims of wrong use of Blasphemy laws.

CCM intends to start a sewing centre like its other successful  running projects. Women's may be given training of sewing and knitting works, so that after learning these skills they will start their own work on small scale in their home and join hands with their husbands in meeting family expenses. In this way  they will get rid of society's irregularities. And be able to give proper attention in growth of their children, to manage their houses properly. By running their own business women will be able to send their children to schools, and husband-wife's differences and divorces' percentage will decrease and prosperity will come.

Sewing Machine Training For Men

Men are also urgently needed technical training. They are also suffering from the same problems as women experiencing. If men are also provided sewing & knitting training they will be able to set up their small workshop in colonies or in their houses, privately. In this way they will be able to earn their livelihood in a reasonable way.

                        For technical training courses of sewing & knitting we urgently needed finance.