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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you have read in our Home Page about the worst economical and social condition of our church’s area. On this condition Mrs. Ester Shakeel(Late) felt much grief and burden for these children’s bright  future. She thought that these children would die in darkness.


In view of her 16 years teaching experience in Saint Merry Catholic School in Pakistan, she consulted with Church Executive Committee, that a school be set up for this area’s educational uplift. Thus a small school for Prep & Nursery classes started. She motivated parents to send their children to school. In this way school foundation was laid. Work started with 10 to 15 children 

Children Children School Started 2007 with few Children for deserving, poor Children , especially for the children labors .

Photos Gallery History of Children Chapel High School. Vision of Ester Shakeel( Late)Founder/ Chairperson the Vision is Every Child Should be Educated;

Managing Director Ps Shahzad Anjum

The school was started under the same tent where church was running. In the beginning she alone started teaching herself. Gradually children’s interest and numbers of students increased. Then some educated church members who could teach joined her in this Nobel Mission, and started cooperating with her in teaching. In this way, gradually this small school started developing and its standard starting increasing day by day. Now this school has become a High School, providing education Nursery to Metric classes. At present Pastor Shahzad Anjum who has a vast experience in education field is a Director of school. He and his wife Mrs. Jamila Shahhzad are playing a vital role in running of the school. A team of well trained and efficient teaching staff is working in this school. Along with academic education Christian education is also added as a subject in the syllabus.

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Managing Director Children Chapel High School  Pastor Shahzad Anjum

In the beginning school was started under tents 2007

 Join us in our activities:

Let us color these pretty flowers. These flowers are not artificial. Actually these flowers are natural, but poverty, illiteracy, bad circumstance have made these flowers colorless. Hardness of these circumstances forced them to hard work with their little hands, fly here and there in streets like dried leaves. Let us join hands to color these yellow-dried flowers again with green color, so that these green leaves may become strong trees. And their peaceful shades give message of beautiful thinking to future generations. How pious you are in your generations! How great you are! 

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We take such most deserving child labor children and convert them into wonderful civilized condition;

 Children Chapel School System‘s Present Director is Pastor Shahzad Anjum . Due to untiring efforts and much hardworking of Pastor & Mrs. Shahzad Anjum, the school’s standard is raising much day by day. Now we can say that this is the best school of our region. Besides  Director of CCM School Pastor Shahzad Anjum is playing an important role in the services of

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Now CCM School is a High school – Nursery to Metric Classes. We wish to develop and expand it more,. therefore:


  1. Expansion of school building
  2. School Play Ground for students.
  3. Instruments for school Science Laboratory
  4. More School furniture chairs/desks etc.
  5. Funds to arrange uniforms and book, etc.
  6. Funds for providing facilities to teaching staff..