Music Ministry


“Aman shakeel” is a music director in children’s chapel church ministries.          

 career start:  aman shakeel start his career when he was 10 year old  but the sense of music he get very small of age by the grace of God. In the age of 10 he perform first time on the stage. after that he never stop and do alot of stages and become proud of our nation.



“Music direction”: In the start ” aman ” is great musician and play all instrument and he did alot of struggle to learn all instrument and finally he did and become master of all instruments but in his heart every time have stronge spirit to learn more and more and never stop so he learn music direction and make his own music and God bless him in it. 



“In the thailand and diffrents countries” : In the thailand aman work with ” the success acadmy ” and impress them all with his music skills and become proud for his nation and country. he go to many school and create music interest in childrens and tell them importance of music. he also visit malaysia and another countries for music revolution.


” Music knowledge” : Aman have great sense of music.  he perform all kind of music pop, jazz, balled, classical and also rock and electric mode music. he did great job all of this. he learn all intruments and kinds of music with proper mathod and he learn also every intruments basics becouse without base anything can’t success and stay.


“Recording session”: In the recordings sessions aman have one of great thing that he try to understand what the music demand of singer in his song. he try to understand his musician capability he try to satisfied singers with his music he did not create difficulty for singer he did not discourage to anybody he always appriciate all even someone have no good voice. he also blessed with diffrents men of God.

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“worships” : Aman worship to lord with the deep of heart he try to make happy to his Lord not the men. therfore God bless him alot give more strength and more musical blessing. he perform every sunday four meetings who started from 4 am to 12pm and all day going in the diffrent various programs memorial services , and other meetings he never tied in his heart every time have wish to serve the lord.

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