Healing meetings


Healing and Evangelistic Meeting 

A great Healing & Evangelistic Meeting held on every Friday with the anointment of Holy Spirit and blissful sermons of church leaders. A number of miracles take place, people get healing from their Diseases – Lams walk, blinds see, TB, cancer and crippled patients are released from their diseases. People who healed and saved from their sicknesses and sins share their testimonies of healing and accepting Jesus Christ.  PLEASE SEE GLIMPSES.



In these meetings a lot of people healed by prayer of Rev.Shakeel Anjum 

Leadership Seminars



Two Leadership Seminars are held in the months of March & October every year. These seminars are especially for pastors, Bible teachers, evangelists, Bible students and elders and for pera-church workers. Delegates from different churches and interdenominational organizations are invited.  PLEASE SEE GLIMPSES


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Rev. Suliasi Kurulo(from Fiji) is teaching in the Leader Seminar in Children Chapel Bible School 

Annual Crusade

A great Annual flax 3 Crusade is held in the month of October, thousands of people gather, so many people repent from their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. People heal from their sicknesses and released from demon spirits. Many gain bundle of blessings and fill with Holy Spirit. Miraculous works take place. PLEASE SEE GLIMPSES

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Annul Crusade in Youhanabad Frozepur road Lahore