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Pastor Shakeel Anjum



Pastor Shakeel Anjum
Pastor Shakeel Anjum

Pastor Shakeel Anjum & Mrs. Ester Shakeel  started their ministry among

Mrs. Ester Shakeel Anjum
Mrs. Ester Shakeel (Late)

children. Due to starting work among children they gave name to this ministry the “CHILDREN’S CHAPEL”. As this areas was newly developing, therefore people were far away from God and preaching in this area was equal to nothing. Literacy rate in this area was alarmingly low. People of this area were victim of many social evils, such as illiteracy. They started this ministry in a small room. Children were taught with Bible stories, children songs and with other Sunday school material for their spiritual growth.Since parents were not literate, uncivilized, so no positive changes were coming in children. Children’ habits, and attitudes were not changing in their lives. We worked hard for two years in these children. After receiving no proper response  we thought that children spend most of the time among their parents, so we must also give services among parents of children. We were thinking that when parents lives will change, their good influence will be upon their children.Now Work was started on faith with very small sources. It was a big challenge before us to work in such people. Where about 95 per cent population was uneducated and uncivilized. Due to poverty and uncivilized condition of this area many people were involved in social evils such as drugs addiction, cheap alcohol, heroin etc. It was a challenging task to evangelize and reform the community. Due to poverty and unemployment people were also involved of theft and other social evils.

Mother of Pastor Shakeel Anjum Opening Ceremony Children Chapel Ministries

Due to lack of sources we had to face many difficulties. Because people were themselves facing financial crisis, so they join us for some period and then left us. After that we started working on one house church per 5 families and firstly we trained 5 cell leaders after that we appointed them to make the house churches in their area. And the house church leaders did evangelistic work and started raising small funds for the main objectives of Children’s Chapel. And in this way we started work with these small funds. I and Ester Monday to Saturday we did work in house churches with the house church leaders and on Sundays we gathered in one place for main church Sunday Service. Then with the movement of the Holy spirit, revival came in this area. Gradually house churches increased and numbers of believers also increased day by day.

Our this experience became wonderfully successful, that a children ministry generated other important ministries, i.e

Church Ministry,

Youth Ministry

women ministry

children’s chapel School System

Life Bread Bible School

Outreach Ministry

Annual Crusade

And today Children Chapel Ministries is a great and successful Ministry in Pakistan.

Children’s Chapel Ministries Started 1998 

Children Chapel Ministries Youhanabad Frozepur Road Lahore Pakistan Children’s Chapel started 1998 with the some small Children. Our experience became wonderfully successful, that a Children Chapel ministry generated to the others important ministries, i.e.

Church Ministry,( started 2000)

Youth Ministry (started 2004)

Women ministry (started 2008)

Children’s chapel School System(started 2017)

Life Bread Bible School (started  2005)

Outreach Ministry   (started 2000)

Annual Crusade ( from 2004 Till  present )

And today Children Chapel Ministries is a great and successful Ministry in Pakistan.

Now 4,000 people join us in the Sunday Service 35 Pastor, Evangelist, and Elders have been trained through Life Bread Bible College Life Bread Bible School was established in 2005 with Cooperation of Dr Raymond Moti and Nadira Moti from Fiji. The Bible School has trained leaders who are working in other area. Women ministry team was launched in 2008 and Sunday school ministry in 1998.

Children ‘Chapel is an independent, self-supported, non-profit registered with the Government of Pakistan under the Society Act 1860. Therefore Children’s Chapel is involve in social development of the individuals and community through establishing small Finance, Community Development  and responding the emergency in case of natural or manmade disaster.

Our Strategic objectives are:-

  1. To share the Gospel with those who do not know Christ
  2. To equip young Pastors to apply Church planting,
  3. To develop partnerships and collaborations with partners in order to help individuals and communities in their social and physical needs.

We would love the opportunity to present our ministry to you. Come, share, pray and stand with us for the Glory of God.