Donate Us


Why you donate us?

1- Because with your donation a child who is a burden on society will be able to remove the burdenPicture 151 Picture 155

2- With your donation kingdom of God will more expand.

3- With your donation darkness of illiteracy/ unstudied will remove and the light of knowledge will come.

4- With your donation there will be peace and brotherhood in our region, rather everywhere.

5- With your donation curses of drug addiction, poverty and frustration will be alleviated rather removed.

           In the region where CCM serving for the accomplishment of the great commission (matt; 28/18-19) we are facing such challenges of curses & social evils. In view of such pitiable circumstances CCM desires that national & International leader and donors join us for the expansion of lord’s kingdom.

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Let us color these pretty flowers. These flowers are not artificial. Actually these flowers are natural, but poverty, illiteracy, bad circumstance have made these flowers colorless. Hardness of these circumstances forced them to hard work with their little hands, fly here and there in streets like dried leaves. Let us join hands to color these yellow-dried flowers again with green color, so that these green leaves may become strong trees. And their peaceful shades give message of beautiful thinking to future generations. How pious you are in your generations! How great you are! 

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