Free Dispensary

medical camp

As we have already mentioned on our Home Page about the deprived condition of our Church’s region that there is limitless poverty, unemployment, drugs addictions etc. There is no medical facility available here. Hospitals are very far from this region. Due to bad economical condition people are unable to go to city areas for treatment, and so many people die for lack of medical facilities. There is no emergency treatment arrangement available for delivery cases. Out of compulsion un-trained and inexperienced women deal with the delivery cases. But results in this regards are unpleasant. therefore, sometimes children die and sometimes women die. CCM provides treatment up to First Aid to these poor people, but is unable to provide proper medical facilities. We request to national and international donors to cooperate us in setting up FREE DISPENSARY. This is indeed the most urgent Nobel Mission for community uplift.

AMBULANCE FACILITY for this area is the most urgent need. If this facility is available people can be taken to hospitals emergently and their lives can be saved. We specially request to national and international donors to cooperate with us in this noble mission.

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