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CCM Bible School

VISION:  “Preparing disciples for the completion of The Great Commission, Mathew 28-19 to 20.

For the expansion of Rev. Shakeel Anjum’s Vision CCM Bible School was established for preparing desciples. On its establishment firstly it was introduced to our own church members who were willing and able to study the Holy Bible in a systematically way. In the beginning Basic Bible study courses based on the New Testament were included in the syllabus. And later the whole Bible study courses “The Bible Survey” added in the syllabus. To teach systematically makes the difference. CCM’s Bible School’s Main Purpose is to train the leaders through an organized LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME. Every year students are graduated and involve in evangelism and preaching and most have become pastors. Leaders are trained by Rev. Shakeel Anjum and a committed group of senior Bible teachers based in Lahore. We hope in Christ that the work of Bible school will expand in future. To make our programme more advance we are in need of funds.



CCM has recently started its T.V. Chanel. The purpose of this TV channel is to preach, teach and evangelize such Christians who are living among the non-Christian people, where to approach to these Christians for proclamation of Bible message is very difficult and dangerous, because of prevailing blasphemy laws in our country. And there is also lack of brotherhood and harmony. So, through watching this TV Broadcastings not only Christians, nominal-Christians but, also non-Christians are taking much interest in watching this channel. So they are contacting our church office, sharing their testimonies for accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. In this way we are winning our target in light of the Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20)

On the other hand educational and social uplift programmes are also telecasted for the betterment of uneducated and uncivilized people. Through this T.V. broadcasting people are gaining educational and social awareness as well, and in this way they will be able to follow the Holy Bible.

Our vision is to expand this broadcasting net work nationally and then internationally. For expansion of our TV broadcasting we wish to have services of well-known, as well as internationally renowned Bible preachers. Their sermons may be telecasted from CCM’s TV channel after translated/dubbed in Pakistan’s national languages, so that Bible may reach to unreached people. We urgently need finance. to run and expand this broadcasting, through which millions of people may be able to listen the Word of God, will be converted to Christ and gain educational and social awareness. But due to lack of sufficient funds TV Broadcasting is limited on small scale.  

Since CCM’s beginning people have been accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. At present CCM is one of the Greatest ministries in Pakistan having numerous church members. 

Please some Glimpses of Water Baptisms after repenting of sins.  

URGENTLY NEED: CCM intends to increase its TV broadcasting over the whole Pakistan and then internationally. For this purpose we URGENTLY NEED FUNDS.

CCM School System


Let us color these pretty flowers. These flowers are not artificial. Actually these flowers are natural, but poverty, illiteracy, bad circumstance have made these flowers colorless. Hardness of these circumstances forced them to hard work with their little hands, fly here and there in streets like dried leaves. Let us join hands to color these yellow-dried flowers again with green color, so that these green leaves may become strong trees. And their peaceful shades give message of beautiful thinking to future generations. How pious you are in your generations! How great you are! 


In view of backwardness of our church’s region (i.e. F-Block, Youhanabad, Lahore (Pakistan), Rev. Shakeel Anjum & Mrs. Rev. Ester Shakeel planned for establishing a school, so that, this area’s children be educated and civilized. Mrs. Ester Shakeel was a trained and experienced teacher. She got 18 years school teaching experience from a renowned Catholic school. She started a small primary school. Because in the beginning, CCM Church was running under a tent, therefore, initiative was taken to run a school on charity under the same Church’s tent. Mrs. Shakeel did school’s service devotedly. Gradually with much hard working the school developed continually and at present it has become a High School – Nursery to Metric Classes .

Children Chapel School System's Present Managing Director is Pastor Shahzad Anjum . Due to untiring efforts and much hardworking of Pastor & Mrs. Shahzad Anjum, the school's standard is raising much day by day. Now we can say that this is the best school of our region. Besides Managing Director of CCM School Pastor Shahzad Anjum is playing an important role in the services of  (1) Cell Churches, (2) Evangelical Groups  (3) Out-Reach Ministry

   Now CCM School is a High school – Nursery to Metric Classes. We wish to develop and expand it more,. therefore:


  1. Expansion of school building
  2. School Play Ground for students.
  3. Instruments for school Science Laboratory
  4. More School furniture chairs/desks etc.
  5. Funds to arrange uniforms and book, etc.
  6. Funds for providing facilities to teaching staff..

Youth Ministry


CCM is bringing Holy Bible Into the Lives of Youths

Every Saturday a Youth Group meeting held, a lot of youths gather. Church’s two ordained pastors are responsible to preach and teach for preparing them for Christ, to be a responsible church member, and a good citizen of society. Besides providing routine Biblical instructions based on “Christian Ethics”, youth rallies, speech competitions and recreational program including games are arranged for youths’ social and spiritual development. CCM is trying its level best to make the youth enthusiastic, active and well-mannered for taking part in church and society’s affairs. Due to working hard in youth ministry we have got experience that if we would not have youths our church might be inactive.

PRAISE THE LORD!  We have won our goal, now our church youths are taking active part in helping all church meetings: such as Sunday Services, Seminars, Sunday School Programs, Youths’ Programmes, Healing & Evangelistic Meetings, Crusades etc.